Country Girl- Merry Christmas

Again, like magic the arrival of the holiday season has soften the hearts of many. Joy and compassion fill the air. Strangers greet us with a smile and surprisingly, they are patient enough to strike up a conversation. They don’t decide based on our ethnicity, faith or lack there of. They merely take the time to connect with another human being. Imagine that! If we are to remain a society whose ideology focuses on community and not-self preservation, we must embrace the spirit of the holiday season not just today, but every day of the year.

When self is the ultimate aim, we opt out of a kinder and gentler world and the smallest measure of kindness seldom gets extended to someone in need. Perhaps today is the day that we’re forced to ask ourselves, whatever happened to being a good neighbor, or sharing with those less fortunate? Not just during this feel good season, but throughout the year. This powerful and thought-provoking question should cause us to pause.

No doubt, the climate that we now live in has harden our hearts. But, it’s a climate that many of us are not willing to accept. As a nation and as a collective body of God-fearing Americans, I’ve seen your hearts and so has God. I’ve seen it in the random acts of kindness shown toward strangers. I’ve seen it in drives that collect toys and clothing for children who would otherwise go without. I’ve seen it in the food given to families that could not afford a traditional holiday meal. May the joys and blessings of this season follow you and let us never forget that the birth of Jesus is the reason for the season. Merry Christmas!






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