Country Girl

Today, I’m interviewing Dr. Lydia Giddens, one of the characters in the book, Woven by Bertha Connally Abraham. So let’s get started.

Question: Dr. Giddens, even though your predecessors believed you qualified to handle the role of matriarch, do you feel because of your career choice that they made the best decision?

Answer: No, not at first. For some time, I felt overwhelmed and scared. I couldn’t understand why they choose me. I’m a doctor. I took an oath to do no harm. My sister, Patsy, in my opinion, was a more likely candidate. This born enforcer was a strong, confident woman who understood the dynamics of our family.

Question: When did you realize that your family was not ordinary or average?

Answer: I think I’ve always known or felt that we were different. But, when I was in my early teens, I heard and saw things that were shocking.

Question: Dr. Giddens, as you move forward molding and shaping your family, are you afraid of dying?

Answer: No not really. I have a disease that will one day take my life. Until then, I’ll do things my way. My Uncle Roy once told me it’s living that’s hard. Dying is easy.

Dr. Giddens, thank you for your candidness. More to come.


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