Country Girl

Here’s my bit of wisdom for today, perhaps for the rest of the year. God doesn’t expect us to try living perfect. He only expects that we do a better job today than we did on yesterday. By sincerely employing the fruit of the spirit every day, (Galatians 5:22-23), that should do it. Right? Well, not so fast. What then is the purpose of this message, if this scripture has been actively taken to heart. Unfortunately, that is the point. It has not. We’ve missed the mark. The winding road ahead is treacherous. Like us it is not perfect.  It might twist and turn, but it will never break. That He has promised.

So, let me ask? What does it take to be a loving, gentler human being? What does showing  meekness and temperance say about us or does it say anything at all about the face we present to the world? Our well being is not dependent upon any external forces, but rather upon a united front marching toward that common goal of peace and joy, not just for one group, but for all of humanity. Will there be causalities? Sure. Long suffering is the product of  internal and external wars fought and won. There is no law that governs how we must treat others. However, if there is any hope for a better tomorrow, we must find our moral compass.

In Woven, by Bertha Connally Abraham, Lydia believes in the power and presence of an Almighty God who in His own time will settle the score. Have faith. Work smart. Don’t waste your time or energy on things you cannot control. Be good to yourselves and to others and let God handle the mess.

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