Country Girl

Most of us hate visiting the dentist. It doesn’t matter why. We simply dread going there. The trip could be as simple as getting a basic cleaning. Regardless, we get stressed thinking about that cold, impersonal office. The thought of someone yanking in our mouth or the sound of the drill as it grinds away causes our blood pressure to rise. We break out in hives as perspiration forms in tiny beads upon our foreheads.

Well, this story just might change your mind. After getting a referral to see a periodontist, I called to set up the appointment. The receptionist was friendly. A few days later,  I met with the doctor. She was warm, friendly and certainly knowledgeable. We agreed upon a date for the surgery. Later, that evening the doctor called my cell. I was stunned. She said that she called all her new patients to address any additional questions or concerns. I gave her my concerns. She gave me her assurance. Still, the day of surgery, I felt anxious. The surgery went well. Later, that same evening the doctor called to check on my recovery.  Imagine that! Have I died and gone to dentist heaven? Thank you Doctor W.

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